Debut of New Website

January 30th 2017

Dear Music Lovers and My Fellows,

I'm very glad to announce that has been totally renewed and makes its debut officially.

This website is consisted of 4 pages; About. Reel, News, and Contact. Definitely the most important section is 'Reel'. Now it's possible to upload and edit materials very freely and it streams them very fast. And it's totally compatible with any mobile phones, iPad and any browsers such as Safari or Chrome. It means that you can check up this site no matter where you are as far as your mobile catches wi-fi signal. What a ubiquitous world we are in, huh?

Please email me if you have any question regarding my works or request a project together.

I'll try to share valuable projects that I worked for frequently, so please come back and check it up regularly. Bookmark will make it easier. 

As of now, reel shows some selected works only from 2009 that has good video quality with. If you want to check up older materials showed on the former website, please go to

This website was designed by Jin-wook Paik who is my school fellow and a talented guitarist as well. Thanks to Jin-wook for sincere efforts.

          And Please be aware that :

  • This website is for composer's private promotion only.
  • This website is not making money and is not used for making money for itself.
  • This website contains materials that Myungsoo Shin was involved in only.
  • This website contains copyright-censored materials only.

Did you read all? wink

Thank you for staying tuned to my HOME. Please enjoy it.



Adieu to the former home page

November 29th 2011

Finally, it's about time to adieu to the former version of ''.

Its first debut was in 2006 and it has carried its duty faithfully.

I'll not forget this front page. Adieu.