Samsung Galaxy Note7- Official TVC

TV Commercial - Worldwide

Disney Magical Dice - Official Trailer

Game Trailer

Hankook Tire - Be One With It (Winter)

TV Commercial-Worldwide

Hyundai Motors LF SONATA - TURN

TV Commercial, Domestic

Hyundai Motors Master Branding Logo - Worldwide Ver.

Audio Branding

Hyundai Motors GBCS - Woman

TV Commercial - Worldwide
Recent News

My first book was just released.

September 29th 2016
I had a good opportunity to write a book and it was just released in this week (2014 March) This book is about a to z of 'home recordinig' and I'm sure it would be very helpful and useful for anyone who is interested in recording.  

Full Of Energy

April 28th 2013
2013 would be a super busy year. There have been many more commercial jobs than I expected and private projects are going on perfectly well and luckily. One bad thing is the lack of time to photo shoot and travel. I feel sorry for it but photo shoot would be helfpul for my new project.. Perhaps these bottles were twisted by full of energy.... Busy Peoples

Latest Update

January 21st 2013
Happy New Year !! 2012 has been like a long hibernation for me to warm up and heal myself. I believe there would be lots of changes on my career in this year and promise to upload many nice projects here. Many guys have mailed me asking about my projects and future projects. I appreciate all and try to reply them. Probably my mind looks like this picture I...
Recent Work

Coex Digital Media Wall - Symphony

Media Works

Hyundai Motors GBCS - Man

TV Commercial - Worldwide

Samsung Sparkling Refrigerator

TV Commercial

Hyundai Grandeur 2015 Super Heroes

TV Commercial Domestic

라네즈 올데이 안티폴루션 디펜서

TV Commercial Domestic

KIA Motors Sportage QL

TV Commercial Worldwide
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