April 17th 2017

KRAFT MUSIC Main Studio Set

5 monitors and 3 speaker set with dedicated workstation desk



5 computers with over 100GB RAM only for music production

hooked by Gigabit LAN (Vienna Ensemble Pro) network


The 3rd Gen. of

April 14th 2017

업데이트가 완료되었습니다. 이번 업데이트로써 은 3세대째로 들어섰군요.

KRAFT MUSIC의 설립과 함께 모바일 친화적인 새로운 사이트 디자인과 더욱 빠른 서버가 구축되었습니다. 

최신의 작품과 다양한 음악적 결과물들을 더욱 활발히 전달하도록 하겠습니다. 

음악 사용에 있어 궁금하신 점은 언제든 연락주시기 바랍니다.


All new website is now launched finally with establishing KRAFT MUSIC. 

Recent works and various compositions will be shared and delivered promptly. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding music and its usages. 

Thank you. 


My first book was just released.

March 12th 2017


I had a good opportunity to write a book and it was just released in this week (2014 March)

This book is about a to z of 'home recordinig' and I'm sure it would be very helpful and useful for anyone who is interested in recording.


Full Of Energy

April 28th 2013

2013 would be a super busy year.

There have been many more commercial jobs than I expected and private projects are going on perfectly well and luckily.

One bad thing is the lack of time to photo shoot and travel. I feel sorry for it but photo shoot would be helfpul for my new project..

Perhaps these bottles were twisted by full of energy....

Busy Peoples

Latest Update

January 21st 2013

Happy New Year !!

2012 has been like a long hibernation for me to warm up and heal myself.

I believe there would be lots of changes on my career in this year and promise to upload many nice projects here. Many guys have mailed me asking about my projects and future projects. I appreciate all and try to reply them.

Probably my mind looks like this picture I took.























   Peace ~