About Him

작곡가 신명수

작곡가 신명수는 영상 미디어 음악계에 있어 다양하고 깊이있는 음악을 선보여 왔다.

연세대학교 불어불문학과 재학중 일찍이 프로페셔널 영상 음악 작곡가의 길에 들어서서 최신 테크놀러지와 결합된 음악 제작의 새로운 방향의 선두주자로써 두각을 나타냈다. 이후 미국의 뉴욕대학교 (NYU)의 작곡과에서 Film Scoring 전공 석사를 취득했고 뉴욕에서 Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, NBC 등 다양한 방송과 다큐멘터리 프로그램의 음악을 작곡하였다. 이 때, 한국인으로는 최초로 News and Documentary Emmy Awards의 음악상 후보에 오르기도 하였다.

이후 귀국하여 최근까지 1,500여편에 이르는 수많은 광고, 드라마, 게임 등 미디어 음악 분야에서 깊고 넓은 음악적 스펙트럼과 최신 기술이 접목된 세계적 수준의 음악을 제작하여 업계의 트랜드를 선도하여 왔다. 

그리고 현재 다양한 작곡가들과 뮤지션들의 집단인 KRAFT MUSIC을 설립하여 그 수준을 더욱 끌어올리고 발전시키고자 노력하고 있으며 서울예술대학과 한국예술종합학교에 출강중이다. 


Emmy nominee composer Myungsoo Shin, simply with his music, is showing the world what it means to be a composer of today. He is fluent in the diverse languages of classical, jazz, contemporary, electronic, and world music. His compositions can be heard in movie theatres, concert halls, and on the television in many different countries. His music in itself is full of liveliness and vigor, moreover when integrated with other ingredients such as visual and stage acts, it produces multiplied power of expression capturing the deepest of emotions.

Myungsoo Shin earned B.A. in French literature from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and later M.A. in Music Composition that specialized in Film Scoring from New York University (NYU). He studied the piano, jazz, composition, arrangement and orchestration by himself and participated as a keyboardist in several rock and jazz bands.

His professional music career began in 1999. He has worked on over one point five thousand TV commercials for world class firms such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG, Nike and many other world’s leading companies. His music also can be heard on feature films, promotional films, TV shows, and popular songs.

As a composer and producer, he doesn’t want to limit himself in his range of music. Drawing on his wealth of experience in the field he covers almost all musical genres and every current project fills him with excitement and relishes the challenge. That is because he is always looking for a fresh, deep and rich sound trying to find just the right note.

Recently he established media music creating team 'KRAFT MUSIC' with lots of ingenious musicians.